Online Application Instructions

Beware of Fraudulent “COVID-19 Compensation Lottery Prize” scam.

  1. Before you take any steps towards completing or submitting an Application for compensation under the Program, please read carefully the How to Submit an Application instructions as they provide important information about how Program application materials should be completed and submitted.
  2. If you wish to submit an Application form online through this website, you have the following two (2) options:
    1. You can complete and submit the Application Form online directly on this website, by clicking on the “I want to complete and submit an Application online” link that is provided below; or
    2. You can (i) first download, print and complete the Application Form on paper; and (ii) then scan, upload and submit the completed Application form by clicking on the “I want submit an Application completed on paper” link that is provided below.
  3. If you wish to submit an Application form by regular mail, please read the How to Submit an Application instructions for more information about how to do so.
  4. Regardless of whether you choose option 2(a) or 2(b) above to submit your Application Form online, the following application materials must be submitted at the same time as your Application Form: (i) the Supporting Evidence Form (Schedule 3), which must be completed by one or more Registered Healthcare Professional(s), and (ii) all documents required to be submitted with the Application Form and the Supporting Evidence Form. Please have all these application materials ready to be uploaded and submitted, before you start the process of completing or uploading your Application Form online.

PLEASE CHOOSE HOW YOU WISH TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FORM ONLINE (choose only one option; see Instruction 2 above):