Printable Program Forms and Other Documents

Beware of Fraudulent “COVID-19 Compensation Lottery Prize” scam.

By clicking on the links below, you can download and print the various forms and other documents applicable to the Program.

All Program forms must be completed and submitted in English, French or Spanish; any form completed or submitted in any other language will be rejected. However, documents and other information required to be provided together with the Application Form (Schedule 2), the Supporting Evidence Form (Schedule 3) or the Appeal of Denied Receivable Claim Form (Schedule 5), as described in such forms, may be submitted in other languages.

All Program forms must be duly completed, signed and dated when submitted, in order to be considered.

Forms required for an Application

Below please find links to the two forms that are required to be completed, signed and submitted in order to apply for compensation under the Program:

Important: If you are applying online, then you will complete and submit the Schedule 2 Application Form directly online. However, for the Schedule 3 Supporting Evidence Form, you need to first download, print and complete that form on paper and, once this is done, you then need to upload and submit the completed Supporting Evidence Form online.

In addition, you may wish to consult the following documents which provide useful information about how to complete and submit your Application materials:

Appeal forms

If your Application has been rejected, or if your Receivable Claim has been denied compensation, you have the right to appeal within certain time limits. Please find below the forms to complete in order to file an appeal.

Please use Schedule 4 – Notice of Appeal of Rejected Application, only if your Application has been rejected.

Please use Schedule 5 – Notice of Appeal of Denied Receivable Claim, only if your Receivable Claim has been denied compensation.

Other Program documents

Find below all other printable documents relating to the Program.